Guilford couple bringing Southern Italy right to our tables! (Pizza is involved.)

Think of foods truly Italian…the freshest olive oil, the ripest tomatoes, handmade pasta.
Okay, now that you’re salivating, think of that in your very own kitchen!
Matthew Scialabba and Melissa Pellegrino, a Guilford husband-and-wife team, bring the real Southern Italy to your kitchen, with true organic Italian cuisine.

They truly know their stuff, too. They have traveled throughout Italy, taking part in over 30 agriturismi (that means working farms that provide room and board in exchange for work harvesting and cooking) in central and southern Italy, where the cuisine served has the same fresh-farm values found in the United States and beyond. They came back from their travels and wrote a book called The Italian Farmer’s Table, which was published in 2009 and contained recipes and stories from their adventures in northern Italy.

Now they have not only opened their own restaurant, Bufalina Wood Fired Pizza, in Guilford, which represents the culmination of all they’ve learned, but they’ve written a new book, The Southern Italian Farmer’s Table, a sumptuously illustrated cookbook featuring 150 authentic recipes from central and southern Italy.

This cooking and writing couple met while living in Italy. Their shared passion for Italian food and culture led them on many culinary journeys, including apprenticeships at a Roman bakery, studying winemaking at a Ligurian vineyard, graduating from professional culinary schools in Manhattan and Florence, and of course their work at the Italian agriturismi. In addition to making authentic Italian pizza, they keep their recipe and writing skills sharp with frequent contributions to Cucina Italiana and Fine Cooking Magazine.

Visit them at their website at

Read a story about them and their delicious marriage from Nov. 23, 2009, in the New Haven Register by clicking here.

And then go to meet them. They’ll be reading and talking about their new book at R. J. Julia, 768 Boston Post Road in Madison, at 7 p.m. on May 21st. This event ticket is $5.00 and can be used towards the purchase of the book.

Please call the store at 203-245-3959,or click here to reserve your seat.

Just like at their restaurant, be sure to reserve your seat now as this event is already filling up fast!


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