Eric D. Lehman knows all Connecticut’s best-kept secrets and attractions

Eric Lehman

Eric D. Lehman knows a lot about Connecticut–the food, the attractions, the wines–and luckily for us, he also knows a lot about writing. In fact, Lehman teaches travel literature and creative writing at the University of Bridgeport and his essays, stories, and articles have been published by dozens of journals, newspapers, and magazines. He is the author of three books, Hamden: Tales from the Sleeping Giant, Bridgeport: Tales from the Park City, and A History of Connecticut Wine. His fourth book, The Insiders Guide to Connecticut, was published in January 2012…and he and his wife, poet Amy Nawrocki, have co-authored a new book, A History of Connecticut Food.

Insiders Guide to Connecticut

Lehman, who—it must be said—did not grow up in Connecticut, has adopted our
fine state with a gusto bordering on obsession, ever since he moved here 15 years ago
from Pennsylvania.
“It’s always the converts,” he says, “who are the most passionate.”
During that 15 years, Lehman and Nawrocki have traveled the state, taking notes, visiting attractions and restaurants, tasting wine, and hiking the
trails. Who better to write an insiders’ travel guide than someone who has looked around
with fresh eyes and seen everything that Connecticut has to offer?
“I was surprised how many little known places there are, the little spots and
attractions you never seem to hear about,” he says.

It’s not only the museums and parks that make their way into Lehman’s insiders’ guide. He also gives information on spas and golf courses, nightclubs and kid attractions, pick-your-own farms, pizza, river expeditions, theaters, wineries, beaches, inns, and best places to get ice cream—everything a visitor
might need to know about, and everything a full-time resident may have overlooked.
The book is divided into eight sections, one for each county, so you can zoom
right in on the area you wish to explore. And once you’re inside, wallowing around in the
wealth of information Lehman shares, you can even see his favorite places, marked with
an asterisk.
There’s also a section on “Living Here,” which gives regional information on
schools, hospitals, real estate markets, etc.

Now he’s coming to Best Video, 1842 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, May 31st, to talk about Connecticut’s attractions, the food, the wine, as well as the upcoming book.

“I’m going to discuss the misperceptions about Connecticut, and why I fell in love with it, as well as detailing some of the great things to do right here throughout the year,” says Lehman. “I’d like to get into the food book a little, and talk about our regional cuisine, which most people are not even aware of.”

If you haven’t been to the Best Video performance space, you’re missing out on one of our area’s best secrets. Not only is Hank Paper a delightful host, but you’ll be surrounded by some of the most inspiring videos ever made. Best of all, the Best Video Coffee Bar will be open with a fine selection of delicious snacks and refreshments, including Willoughby’s coffee. Admission, as for all of Best Video’s Performance Space events, is free.


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