Luanne Rice reads from her 30th novel at R. J. Julia

Luanne Rice was once in an abusive relationship--and now in her thirtieth novel (yes, that's 3-0), Little Night, she writes about a character who needs to be saved from abuse.

Here's the starred review from Publisher's Weekly:
After bludgeoning her sister’s abusive husband with a burnt log, Clare Burke is whisked away to jail in the dramatic opening of Rice’s 30th novel (after Secrets of Paris). Based on Anne’s false testimony in defense of her husband, Clare serves two years for assault, the sisters become estranged, and the story picks up 18 years later in 2011 in New York City, where Clare is a blogger and birdwatcher. Though she’s never fully recovered from the trauma of her sister’s betrayal, Clare desperately wants to reconnect with Anne, who has since cut all ties with her family at the behest of her manipulative husband. But when Anne’s 21-year-old daughter, Grit, shows up on Clare’s doorstep seeking a family that loves her, Clare and her niece bond, though the subject of their common tie—Anne—is never far from either of their minds. The two support one another as they attempt to create a relationship and reconnect with the woman who hurt them. Poetic and stirring, Rice’s latest beautifully combines her love of nature and the power of family.

Want to meet Luanne Rice and hear her read from her book? Don't miss this chance to talk to one of Connecticut's most beloved and prolific writers.

She'll be at R. J. Julia TONIGHT (Friday, June 8) at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5, but can be put toward the purchase of the book. Call (203) 245-3959 to reserve your seat.


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