Alice Mattison and Maddie Dawson are reading at Best Video Wednesday!

As the “real person” behind Books New Haven, I am–technically speaking–Sandi Kahn Shelton. But I’m also Maddie Dawson in my life as a novelist these days. (It’s confusing to be me: I also have three novels out under the name of Sandi, and one under the name of Maddie. I also have two twitter accounts, two facebook accounts, two blogs, two email identities. Such is life when you have a pseudonym.)

But anyway–one of the great things I get to do occasionally is appear in public as two people, and this Wednesday–Oct. 17, at 7:30 p.m. is one of those times.

And I get to read with my longtime friend, Alice Mattison,who is the author of several novels herself, including her latest, the fabulous When We Argued All Night, which recently had a GREAT review from the New York Times. She’ll be reading from this novel…and if you’ve never had the experience of hearing Alice read from her work, you are in for such a treat. I want her to read the whole thing, just because I love hearing it–but she probably won’t.

Also, Alice appeared on Books New Haven back in June, and here is that post, along with her brilliant answers to our nosy questions.

I will be reading from my latest work in progress, a novel-to-be called The Opposite of Maybe, which is going to be turned in to my publisher in February (February 15th, to be specific, but who’s counting?)  I’ve read from this before at Best Video, in fact, and the encouragement of the crowd has helped me move on to write at least a couple more pages since then. Actually, I’m nearly finished with this book, although the characters are not nearly finished with me. They wake me up regularly in the middle of the night to remind me of things they’d like to have included in the book. So I am something of a wreck most days, but I will try to be sane and succinct on Wednesday night, and would love it if you could come and smile and wave.

Alice and I are reading at 7:30 p.m. Best Video is one of the more wonderful places on the planet, made even more wonderful by the fact that it now has a wine bar, in addition to its coffee bar, its thousands of videos, its friendly and knowledgeable employees–and its lovely proprietor, Hank Paper. Here is a story I wrote about Best Video for the New Haven Register last summer. It’s located at 1852 Whitney Avenue in Hamden.

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